Beware of Bad Hosting Quality Impacting Website SEO – There is one important SEO factor that can affect a website's ranking like hosting quality. Algotech partners should know that using the best hosting doesn't automatically make your website number one. However, using poor hosting performance may cause an Algotech partner website to be downgraded. So you should not rely only on cheap website creation services.

A strong factor is that hosting quality can have an impact on website performance. Poorly performing websites are not ranked as high by Google. Algotech Partners should recognize that 90 percent of Internet users' online interactions come from the use of search engines. Therefore, SEO optimization is important.
Unfortunately, website SEO efforts usually only focus on a few things like off-page and on-page SEO optimization. However, website performance is an important factor in SEO that should not be overlooked. You can also use Batam website services.

Bad hosting features

Long installation process
The main impact of bad hosting for SEO websites is that it takes too long to load. One of the reasons could be outdated server technology, limited bandwidth, low specification hardware and many others. According to the survey, if the loading process takes more than three seconds, many visitors will flee from the website.
Since 2010, Google has been speeding up the ranking of web pages. Having a website with fast speed is considered by Google to provide the best experience to users.

The server often goes down
In addition to the slow loading process, another thing to pay attention to is that the system slows down frequently. If the server is frequently down, it means that the website cannot be fully used. An inaccessible website is one of the biggest losses in the SEO world. When your website experiences frequent downtime during the indexing process, it means that it will be very difficult to compete with other SEO websites in search engines. Make sure you don't just get tempted by cheap website design services.

The database often has problems
Poor quality hosting can affect databases with problems. In fact, one function of a database is to manage, store and present website content. If visitors enter the website and experience a database error, it means they will not be able to view the content Algotech Partners offers. Finally, visitors leave your website.

Poor security
Security has become one aspect that is often overlooked in low-quality hosting. Although safety is the main thing. So, when choosing a cheap website creation service, make sure the security is correct first.

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