Bloomberg Tech, Jakarta - Manchester City secured this year's treble with a 1-0 win over Italian giants Inter Milan in the Champions League.

This historic achievement has made the club the owner of the United Arab Emirates government-backed company The City Football Group (CFG), whose name is Sheikh Mansour's forward, and the ruler of the European football world.

Football has long since ceased to be a game of 22 players trying to kick a round ball into a goal. Soccer has now become a battleground for the world's richest and seemingly endless income nations. Honor And of course get a big profit.

As football in Europe is one of the main parameters of world football, it is owned by the names of the world's billionaires.

According to Bloomberg, the following are the names of the billionaires who own European football clubs.

A Sky Sports camera operator, left, films on Sky TV's coverage of a soccer match between Manchester City and Liverpool (Bloomberg).

1. Pinault family