Muriannews, Surabaya - Morocco won their first match in Group A of the 2023 Indonesia U-17 World Cup on Friday (10/11/2023). Morocco beat Panama 2-0 at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium.

Two Moroccan goals were scored by Sefdun Chalagmo in the 16th minute and Ayman Enair in the 90+5th minute.

In the first half, Morocco played directly against Panama's goal. They made several attempts and Morocco's chances were thwarted by Panama goalkeeper Romero.

Morocco finally scored in the 16th minute. Morocco's defender Chalagmo, who crossed the ball from the corner, was able to break the ball received from Mali and pass the Panamanian goal.

Klagmo crashed into the right corner of the Panama goal with a header. Romero was stunned by the goal.

After the first goal, both teams faced each other. Morocco looked to add to their lead as Panama tried to equalise. The score remained 1-0 until the referee stopped the match.

In the second half, Panama started to heat up. Panamanian players practiced the game hard. In fact, Portuguese referee Joao Pinheiro gave three yellow cards to the Panama players.

The score remained 1-0 until normal time. Morocco could only double their lead in extra time.

Ayman Enair increased Morocco's lead in the 90+5 minute. Shortly after Morocco's goal, the referee blew the whistle. The score is 2-0 Morocco.

line up

Panama (4-4-2)

1 Manuel Romero | 2 Juriel Nereda (C), 3 Martin Krug, 5 Juan Hall, 13 Eric Diaz | 6 Anel Ryce, 10 Eric Moreno, 11 Oldemar Castillo, 16 Jael Pierre | 7 Kevin Walder, 18 Hector Rios

Substitutes: 12 Said David, 21 Alberto Ruiz, 4 Giancarlos Garcia, 8 Aldair Marta, 9 Fredrik Krug, 14 Juan Jumenez, 15 Joshua Pires, 17 Luis Gaitan, 19 Cahir Tovares, 20 Ernesto Gomez.

Manager: Michael Guto

Morocco (4-5-1)

1 cup Benrozil 3 Fouad Zahouani, 13 Saifdine Chlaghmo, 15 Naoufel El Hannach, 19 Smail Bakhty (C) | 6 Mehdi Akumi, 8 Adam Bufander, 10 Imran Nazih, 17 Abdelhamid Mali, 18 Mohamed Hamoni | 7 Anas Alaoi

Substitutes: 12 Hamza Jalid, 21 Mohammed Amin Ezarhouni, 2 Hamza Koutune, 4 Ayub Chaihun, 5 Abdelhamid Ait Boudlal, 9 Nasim Azasouzi, 11 Zakaria Ouzaneh, 14 Yassir El Aissati, 16 Ayman Enair, 20

Manager: Chiba said.