Murianews, Solo - Mali defeated Uzbekistan 3-0 in their opening Group B match of the 2023 Indonesia U-17 World Cup at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Friday (10/11/2023).

Mamadou Doumbia scored Mali's three goals in the 30th, 72nd (F) and 75th minutes.

Mali and Uzbekistan looked evenly matched in the first half of the match. Both groups attacked each other.

But Uzbekistan was not so lucky at first. Uzbekistan goalkeeper Sobirov's misjudgment as he intercepted Sekou Kone's pass was successfully capitalized on by Doumbia.

The wild ball that moved to his feet was immediately transferred to the Uzbekistan goal. He made it 1-0 to Mali in the 30th minute.

After the goal, Mali continued to hunt down the Uzbekistan defense. However, the score remained 1-0 until half-time.

In the second half, Mali did not want to let up their attack. In this game, it has been confirmed that Mali released the ball to Uzbekistan a total of 29 times. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan only got 3 scoring chances.

The disaster for Uzbekistan in the 72nd minute was when Doumbia tried to challenge Uzbekistan's defender Bekruz Jumatov in the penalty box.

The judge deemed the action a violation. However, Uruguayan referee Gustavo Tejera immediately pointed to the spot after confirming the VAR. Dumbya, who was the executor, performed the task successfully. The result was 2-0.

With a 2-0 win, the mindset of a young Uzbekistan team seems to be starting to fail. Three minutes later, Uzbekistan goalkeeper Sobirov had to come back to take the ball out of the net.

Still, Dumbya is an actor. From an attack on the right side of Uzbekistan, Ibrahim Kanet attempted a shot on goal.

However, his shot was not perfect and was aimed at Dumbia. Player number 17 immediately put the ball into the goal. The 3-0 score remained until the end of the game.

line up

Mali (4-5-1)

1 Burama Cone | 2 Moussa Traore, 4 Souleymane Sanogo, 5 Issa Traore, 15 Baye Coulibaly | 3 Hamidou McCullough, 6 Sekou Kone, 8 Ibrahim Diarra (C), 10 Anje Marshall Thia, 11 Ibrahim Kanate | 17 Mamadou Doumbia

Substitutes: 16 Diaguin Sidibe, 21 Seriba Doumbia, 7 Modibo Sissoko, 9 Salif Noah Lintu, 12 Gaussou Kone, 13 Badra Traore, 14 Ousmane Thierry, 18 Moussa Macire Diop, 19 Mahmoud Barry, 20 Ousmane

Manager: Soumaila Coulibaly

Uzbekistan (4-3-3)

21 Muhammedyusuf Sobirov | 6 Ozodbek Uktamov, 13 Bekhruz Djumatov, 19 Sherzodbek Abdulboriev, 20 Dilshod Abdullaev | 5 Azizbek Tulkunbekov, 7 Lazizbek Mirzaev (C), 17 Olabergan Karimov | 3 Yakio Urinbov, 9 Amirbek Saidov, 14 Shodior Shodiboyev


1 Jakhongir Buriev, 12 Jahongir Mamatkulov, 2 Aminbek Yokubov, 4 Behruzjon Karimov, 8 Bekhruzjon Karimov, 8 Bekhruz Shukurullaev, 10 Abdulkhamid Turgunboev, 11 Kuvonchbek Abraev, 15 Ozodbek Ergashov, 16 Jasrimovkmidatul Himida.

Manager: Jamoliddin Rakhmatullaev