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Probably all domain registrars, including domain resellers RNAIt provides domain transfer from one of the DNS management facilities that domain users can find.

In fact, of the many domain management features, domain forwarding is an important feature for domain users to know and use.

The purpose of use is not to redirect website visitors to other URLs or domains, to other websites, social media accounts, to certain marketplace URLs.

And many believe that there are many good reasons for domain owners to use and implement this forwarding service.

This domain management facility, better known as URL redirection, can be easily configured by domain owners. how about?

This time, RNA shares important information about domain transfer, its benefits for your website, and how to easily set it up.

Domain transfer

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Understanding domain transfer

Domain forwarding is the process of making a domain name direct all visitors to other domains and websites.

For example, directing to a landing page, microsite, related blog or specific online store for advertising purposes or additional information.

You can even Domain transfer When users type in your URL to social media accounts, they will be redirected to your Facebook or Twitter account.

This process, also known as URL redirection, is different from redirection implemented by HTML or scripting, which usually redirects a specific web page to another page on the same domain or to a different web page.

When you try to visit a domain with the redirect feature applied, you will be redirected to the destination URL and the original name you entered is not in the URL bar.

Instead, the selected URL to which the forwarding domain is directed is displayed.

This also applies if your domain name is registered with a hosting company and a cheap domain and you create a website with another online resource, the domain transfer process allows you to link your existing domain to the website.

The outsourcing process gives you the freedom to work with the best companies and resources for your personal or professional website.

Domain transfer does not affect other site components, one of which is email transfer because the two processes are done independently.

What is domain transfer?

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Benefits of domain transfer

The following are the uses or benefits of outsourcing for your various website needs.

  • It provides a permanent online address for your personal or business website that you can link to any cheap domain and online resource of your choice.
  • By linking to a social media account, blog or e-commerce site like Tokopedia or Shopee, it allows you to use a cheap domain name of your choice before your website is complete.
  • Once you have a website, you can link some cheap domain names you own to the site to attract more website visitors.
  • You can point your domain address to a new online location at any time and for any reason.

Domain transfer process

When doing domain forwarding, you usually only use a forwarding application to connect visitors to the destination website URL.

This option directs visitors to the destination website of their choice and places the destination URL in the URL bar of the browser.

For example, when a user types in your domain name, they are redirected to an address such as domainforward.com and the address is displayed in the browser.

How to set up domain transfer

Basically, you need to make sure that you have an account in the client area where you signed up for the cheapest version of hosting and domain for you.

Then set the domain name you want to transfer. Please see the steps below for more information.

First, open the client site of the hosting provider you are using and the cheap domain.

Then generally enter the username and password you get when you sign up for hosting and domain services.

If you have entered your username and password correctly, you will immediately be shown the Customer Area Dashboard page.

Then find the Domains menu and select the domain name you want to give the forwarding treatment to.

  • Find and click the Addons tab.
  • Select the same command that indicates Manage Domain Transfer.
  • Type your current domain name and the domain name that will be the forwarding location.
  • Click Save.

Source: Invato

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Domain transfer is easy and secure!

So, do you understand what domain forwarding is and how to easily set it up?

As described in the above article, the domain transfer process can be done in a few simple steps, which will help you maximize your website domain name investment.

Depending on the internet connection you are using, you can see the results of setting up the URL forwarding feature within 24 hours after enabling it.

Of course, you should have a client area hosting account with a cheap and reliable domain service provider.

If not, now is the time to sign up for RNA, which is believed to offer cheap and quality domain options.