Electric cars, or more commonly known as electric vehicles, are the most talked about type of vehicle in the automotive world these days. These advanced features, future-style design and environmental friendliness are advantages that motorized cars do not enjoy.

There's no denying that car manufacturers these days are racing to release their best variants. One of them is Toyota, which introduced the 2022 Toyota Innova EV at the IIMS event and the bZ4X at the GIIAS event. If you're thinking of buying a Toyota electric car, check out the detailed specifications and estimated prices below.

A look at Toyota electric cars

View of Toyota electric cars
Photo Source: Karolis Kavolelis via Shutterstock

Toyota is known as one of the automotive brands that introduced hybrid car technology through several vehicle models such as Camry, Prius, CHR and Corolla Altis. However, behind many popular hybrid car models, Toyota is developing a number of electric car technologies to meet the modern mobility experience that demands practical and environmentally friendly driving solutions.

To be precise, on May 12, 2022 in Japan, for example, Toyota introduced an all-new bZ4X electric SUV built on the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. The SUV is designed to deliver attractive, smooth and intuitive driving performance and can reach a range of 599 km. Even the Toyota bZ4X in 2010 It is rumored to be one of the official vehicles for the G20 summit in Bali on November 15-16, 2022.

Types of Toyota electric cars

Specifically for the electric vehicle line, Toyota has long developed four electric vehicles, namely FCEV (Fuel Electric Vehicle), BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), PHEV (Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle).
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)

Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly cars. Basically, the way HEV electric cars work is the same as conventional motor cars (Internal Combustion Engine/ICE).

However, there is an additional electric motor to replace the motor for certain situations, such as below a certain speed or when the car stops. Therefore, even if the engine is turned off, the electrical and air control systems (air conditioner) the cabinet still works.

This electric motor is driven by a battery power supply. Vehicles that stick to the system mixture no need filling station. This vehicle has technology Self charging system.

Therefore, battery charging is done by charging electricity to the battery during braking from the performance of the engine that drives the generator and others (Regenerative braking).

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

Another Toyota electric car is the PHEV. This is a plug-in electric car equipped with an internal combustion engine or ICE. It is the engine in the PHEV system Range extension Or increase the distance by using battery power to drive the motor.

In a PHEV system, the engine is mostly used to drive the battery charging generator, especially on city roads (approximately 60 km). Regenerative braking. Therefore, the use of fuel is more efficient than HEV.

Although this type gets more power consumption from the engine Regenerative brakingthe charging system is still not good enough to fully charge the battery.

Recovery Ideal battery condition while still using the system Battery chargers (Plugins), which can be done at home or filling station. To charge this battery, home or filling station It should have at least 4,400 watts of power.

Battery electric vehicles (BEV)

BEVs rely solely on batteries as a power source to drive electric motors on wheels, so they require utilities. Filling up Charging for electricity. This type of Toyota electric car can actually rely on an electric charging infrastructure (filling station).

FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle)

Although both use an electric system, FCEVs have different principles. This car can generate its own electricity produced in the room Fuel cells- His. Electrical results in performance Fuel cells Then this electric motor is used to drive. This type of Toyota electric car requires a hydrogen fuel station.

Toyota electric car price list

As mentioned earlier, Toyota electric cars are being sold in Indonesia. For reference, Toyota has four HEV models (Hybrid electric vehiclesand a BEV electric car (Battery electric vehicles) marketed in Indonesia. Following is the complete price list of Toyota electric cars.

Lexus UX 300e - 1,245 billion

Toyota launched its first BEV under the Lexus brand, the UX 300e on November 25, 2020. The price of this Toyota electric car is IDR 1.245 billion OTR Jakarta and it is based on lithium-ion type battery. The Lexus UX 300e has an electric motor with a capacity of 54.35 KWh that produces 201 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. This Toyota Indonesia electric car has a range of 300 kilometers on a single charge.

Corolla Cross Hybrid - 497.8 million

Released in August 2020 in Indonesia, the Corolla Cross Hybrid HEV comes with a 1,798 cc 4-cylinder DOHC with VVT-i technology engine code 2ZR-FXE. This combination of petrol and electric motor produces a maximum power of 72 PS. This new Toyota hybrid electric car has a body width of 4,460 mm in length, 1,825 mm in width and 1,620 mm in height. The Toyota Corolla Cross also has a wheelbase of 2,640 mm and ground clearance of 165 mm. In terms of design, this Toyota electric car looks serious and is very suitable for everyday use. The price of this Toyota electric car is around 497.8 million birr.

Corolla Altis Hybrid - Rp. 586.25 million

The next electric car is the Corolla Altis Hybrid. This Indonesian Toyota electric car has a 1.8 liter engine code 2ZR-FXE Atkinson-cycle with 98 PS and 142 Nm of torque. The power of this engine is combined with a 72 PS electric motor and 122 Nm of torque, which brings the total power to 122 PS. The All New Corolla Altis HIV with 4th generation hybrid technology was launched in Indonesia in September 2019 and is priced at IDR 586.25 million.

Camry Hybrid - Rp. 842.15 million

Toyota's All-New Camry Hybrid Arrives in Indonesia in January 2019 and Reveals More in advance Compared to the previous one. This Toyota hybrid electric car is equipped with a moonroof and A25A-FXS engine, one of the world's most fuel-efficient hybrid engines. The Camry Hybrid is equipped with an advanced audio system that uses an 8-inch AVN touch screen with DVD/Radio/USB/AUX/Bluetooth/Miracast and 9 JBL Nano-E Air purifier speakers. If you are interested in buying this Toyota electric car, the selling price is IDR 842.15 million.

C-HR Hybrid - Rp. 546.29 million

The CH-R Hybrid's 100 PS ZR-FXE engine is mated to a 36 PS electric motor. As an environmentally friendly vehicle. The Toyota C-HR hybrid car is said to be 62 percent more fuel efficient than the conventional variant. Carbon emissions are 60 percent lower.

Toyota Prius PHEV - 884 million Birr

This electric car was first introduced to the world market at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and its popularity has been increasing. This car has achieved high sales figures and has been confirmed to be the market leader in 2018-2019. The Toyota Prius PHEV is powered by a 2ZR-FXE engine with a displacement of 1,800 cc and a 1 NM/ISM electric motor. The power output is 96 hp and the maximum torque is 142 Nm. When driven in BEV mode, this car has a cruising range of 68.2 km. In this cruising range, the Prius PHEV has better dynamics to make its handling even better.

With a powerful and sensual design, the Toyota Prius PHEV is built using the TNGA platform, which makes the exterior design cool and safe and more stable in use. Apart from that, this car has a spacious interior, audio display entertainment with 8-inch screen and advanced safety feature Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). This Toyota electric car is priced at IDR 884,000,000.

Toyota C+ Pod - 200 million Birr

Small in size and modest in size, this Toyota electric car proved to be a lot of fun at the IIMS 2022 event yesterday. Before coming to Indonesia, the Toyota C+ Pod was first introduced in its home country in late 2020 and was intended for short-distance mobility. This car is 2,490 mm long, 1,290 mm wide and 1,550 mm tall. Having a turning radius of around 3.9 meters, this car can easily move even on narrow roads.

This small car is equipped with a 1 RM electric motor that produces a maximum power of 9.2 kW from 12.3 hp and a maximum torque of 56 Nm. Designed as a city car, the Toyota C+Pod can only travel at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and the battery capacity can cover a maximum of 150 kilometers on a full charge. Did you know that in addition to its small size, the Toyota C+ Pod can also act as an emergency generator in the event of a power outage? Although the battery is small, it can be used as an option when additional electricity is needed. In its home country, this electric car costs 1,650 - 1,716 million yen or only 200 million if converted to rupiah.

Toyota bZ4X - 603 million Birr

Although it is said that there are no plans to sell it in the near future, the availability of the Toyota bZ4X will be a way for Toyota to introduce other variants of the electric car. The Toyota bZ4X is powered by a 355 volt lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 71.4 kWh and can be used to drive up to...