Many aspects support the performance of the car. Not only in terms of engine performance, but also the cleanliness and appearance of the four-wheeled vehicle affects the main work. Many people know this, so there are services that take care of this, and one of them is a car salon.

In this article, Qoala discusses car salons. If you've heard this term and want to know more, check out the following review!

What is a car salon?

What is a car salon?
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A car salon is the place to go if you want to clean the dirt stuck on your car and even the parts that are not visible outside or inside. The result you get is a clean and shiny car appearance, which makes it more attractive.

Professionals in the automotive salon clean dirt and debris in more detail. For example, cleaning mold, acid stains from rain or other disturbing materials can cause fine scratches on the car or make the car's body color look more opaque.

In addition to salons, there are places to clean stains with more detail - automatic details. Although both clean vehicles, there are differences between the two in terms of the type of care provided.

Car salon services focus on surface care, from washing the entire body of the car, vacuuming the cabin, to cleaning the glass to make the paint brighter. Meanwhile, automatic detailing provides more detailed treatment, reaching down to the vehicle's bolts and even the car's engine.

Apart from this, the duration of the work is different, the salon work is faster than the automatic list. In-salon treatment takes only 3 to 5 hours. Meanwhile, for auto detailing, treatment can take up to 7 hours or more.

Types of maintenance in car salons

Each car dealership may offer different services depending on their policy. However, in general, there are at least 4 types of treatment offered by salons, which are cleansing, covering, detailing and fogging and purgator. Following is an explanation of each of these services:

1. Cleaning

The most important service in the car salon is cleaning. This service takes the form of various cleaning treatments on all parts of the car, exterior, interior, to the bottom of the car.

Each car salon has its own method for the cleaning process. So you can choose one that offers the method that suits your needs, look for regular car wash, snow wash, dry wash and more.

Apart from this, you can also try an engine cleaning service. However, you must be careful with this service because cleaning the engine parts cannot be done anywhere, do not allow water to enter the air chamber because it will cause fatal problems in the engine.

Not only this, there are many electronic components that can be damaged if exposed to water. Therefore, it is better to choose a car salon that has a good reputation and experience in this matter.

2. List

Car detailing is a technique performed by car showrooms by polishing and waxing the car. Of course, the tools used in this process are different from cleaning services. The purpose of detailing is to make the color of the car brighter by removing the dullness on the car's color.

The official will paint the color of the car with wax. This layer protects the car's paint from various stains and defects, such as mud, mold, small scratches and so on. Therefore, the waxed paint surface will not be boring easily.

Unfortunately, applying wax products to cars is often not possible. This is related to the side effect which causes the underlying paint layer to erode, making it thinner and easier to peel off. So, while it will make your car look nicer, don't treat waxing as a short-term procedure, do it as needed to make the paint last longer.

3. Coverage

A coating is said to provide better protection than waxing. The most commonly used methods in the process are nano coating and ceramic coating. The two methods use different materials.

In nano coating, the surface of the car is covered with nano-sized particles (very small) with a special liquid that can protect the car from chemical exposure and oxidation. Meanwhile, in the ceramic coating method, the coating material is a special liquid that contains ceramic to better protect the car's paint.

The ceramic coating creates a layer of taro on the surface of the car, thereby reducing water spots and mold growth on the paint surface.

4. Fog and Fumigator

The next type of maintenance that is usually done by car dealerships is the interior type of maintenance. Misting and fumigation services are procedures to make cabin space cleaner and more comfortable.

In the car fogging process, the inside of the car is sprayed with a special solution of steam. The steam enters the cabin through air blowing from the car's AC. Using the car's air conditioner to release steam helps it circulate throughout the room. The purpose of fogging is to reduce the presence of pathogens in the car compartment.

After fogging, the process continues with the fumigator. A fumigation is a process to remove mold and insects that may be found in the house. The total time required to complete the fogging and exhaust process is usually around 30-40 minutes, depending on how large the car's interior is.

The difference between a car salon and a car detail

As mentioned above, apart from car showrooms, there are also auto detailing. Both offer car cleaning services, but there are some very significant differences between the two. These differences can be seen from at least four aspects:

1. Net object

The main difference between a car salon and an automobile detail is the parts that are cleaned. Car salons focus on cleaning the exterior and interior of the car. This means that the officers there did not do a more detailed cleaning.

For example, when cleaning the tires, only the outer part of the tires and rims are touched in the interior of the car. However, car dealerships can make your car shine with the services they provide.

Meanwhile, for automated detailing, the objects you clean cover deeper parts down to the smallest gaps. The officers there clean the areas that are not directly visible to the eye. So the result you get after your car goes to auto detailing is a neat and clean look compared to a car showroom.

2. Used tools and materials

Although both provide car cleaning services, the two services are very different in terms of equipment, such as equipment. The method and coverage of car detailing is more complete, so the use of tools and materials is better than a car salon.

Car salons often use fairly common cleaning tools. Their equipment can be found at regular car washes. Likewise, with the materials they use, the quality is not as good as those found in automobile specs.

3. Durability of results

Of course, the product of these two services is the cleanliness and beauty of the car, as a result, both make your car cleaner and brighter. Apart from that, both offer anti-scratch treatment that prevents the car from getting dirty or tarnishing easily.

So when you want to know who is better, the main thing is how long the results last. You can guess who is more sustainable by far than the explanation that always supports self-listing. Yes, that's right, auto detailing offers better protection against stains than car salons.

4. Price

We've heard about auto detailing being better than car showrooms. But what about tariffs? Are they both the same? Of course not, car detailing prices are much higher than car showrooms.

Considering the results are almost perfect, it's no wonder you have to spend extra money on auto detailing services to make the car look like new again. Moreover, the cleaning cover extends to small areas.

Benefits of treatment in the car salon

Having a well-maintained vehicle definitely makes the driving experience more comfortable. A car that always looks like new adds to your confidence as an owner. These two things are advantages and strong reasons to have repairs done in a car salon.

A car salon is the perfect place to get exterior and interior repair services for your favorite car. So, from what we've discussed in detail, there are three main benefits you can get when you take your vehicle to a car dealership:

1. Best care

If you only need cleanliness from dusty parts, a regular car wash can fulfill this. However, if you want more treatment than that, then you can get it in the salon.

At a car salon, your vehicle will receive the utmost care using a full range of equipment and treatments rather than a regular car wash. The maintenance is done on both the external and internal parts. A series of treatments will make the vehicle brighter and brighter.

Not only does it offer...