Looking for information on Alfard car prices? As a choice of luxury MPV car, you definitely know that Toyota Alphard is sold at a high price of IDR 1 billion. However, that doesn't mean you can't take this Toyota car home.

Lots of used cars at low prices. So the price of used Alfard car can fit into your budget. Whether you are looking to choose a new car or a used car, make sure that the Toyota Alphard is the right choice for you.

The following is information about Alfard car prices Qoala will help you find the best car.

A look at the latest Alphard cars

A look at the latest Alphard cars
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Do you know the new Alphard car price in 2022? This sliding door car is one of the vehicles that many people use for their mobility needs. It is not uncommon for individuals to consider a car as a second home. They often spend time in the car, especially if they have a high level of mobility. So it's no surprise that people make their cars as comfortable as possible.

But why do people love Alphard cars? What is the exact desired car in the list of luxury car brands?

You must have seen the Alphard car. This car is truly a dream car because of the features and benefits it offers. In Indonesia, the first generation Toyota Alphard has been available since 2003. First time availability has a relatively large number of differences in total imports or IU. Apart from this, the features are also varied so that prospective buyers can customize it according to their needs and wants.

In the year In 2008, PT Toyota Astra Motor officially launched the Toyota Alphard as the agent that holds the Toyota brand in Indonesia. The first edition sold more than 25 thousand units from 2008 to early 2020. The price of the 2021 Alphard car is $1.065 billion.

Latest Alphard car types

Alphard car price depends on the type of car. Currently, you can choose from three new Alphard cars, including:

1. New Alphard 2.5 XA / T

The first Alphard car is the new Alphard 2.5 XA/T. This car is powered by a 2,500 cc DOHC 4 cylinder inline engine with dual VVT-i technology that produces a maximum power of 180 ps/6,000. If you are looking for a multi-purpose vehicle or a family car, this type of Alfard luxury MPV car can be the choice.

2. New Alphard 2.5 GA / T

The next Alphard variant is the new Alphard 2.5 GA/T. Like its predecessor, this Alphard car uses a DOHC 4-cylinder in-line engine with dual VVT-i technology. The maximum power of this car engine is 180 p/6,000. As one of the new Alphard car variants, there are many reasons why this type is perfect for you and your beloved family.

3. New Alphard 3.5 QA/T

New Alphard 3.5 QA/T is another variant of Alphard car. So, if you are looking for a car with the price of the most expensive Alfarad car, this is the answer to your question. This car is a 3,500 cc type car which is different from the previous two types. This means that the engine is really different. The DOHC 6 cylinder engine in this car with dual VVT-i technology is capable of generating a maximum power of 275 ps/6,000 RPM.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alphard cars

Every type of vehicle has advantages and disadvantages, Alfard car is no different. As a car that is sought after by many people, this car can certainly provide benefits that other cars cannot find. However, this does not mean that this car is presented as a perfect choice without gaps. However, the Alphard car also has several weaknesses.

Therefore, these pros and cons are usually one of the things that one considers before buying this MPV car.

Advantages of Alphard cars

Toyota Alphard is a very luxurious type of large MPV. This car was first produced in 2002 by Toyota Mobil Corporation. Currently, Alphard comes with a wide selection of new and used units.

The demand for Alfard cars is increasing as it comes with many advantages. It's no wonder that more and more people are looking to find out how much new and used Alphard cars cost.

Here are some of the benefits you can get while driving a Toyota Alphard.

1. Car exterior

One advantage of the Toyota Alphard lies in the exterior of the car. The latest model also gives a lot of updates on the exterior. The new front aerokit design is proof of that. You can see the bumper, headlights, grille, hood molding and fog lamp.

Meanwhile, at the rear of the car, changes have been made to the taillights and door trims that show how this MPV should be called a classic car. The trunk of the car also looks different. You can even open it automatically to make it easier to use. The 18-inch alloy wheel design also looks more luxurious.

2. Interior

The advantages of the latest Toyota Alphard can be seen in the car as well. The back seat is very comfortable. The rear seats are so comfortable and spacious that you can take care of the passengers. Users can adjust the seat according to their needs, they can adjust the seat forward or backward. In addition, you can adjust the tilt of the back.

In the kitchen, there are solid and luxurious wooden decorations. Therefore, the interior of the latest Alphard is really different. No matter how far you have to travel, you'll still feel comfortable so you can enjoy every ride.

3. Powered engine

The new car model Alphard comes with 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines. Both engine variants are also equipped with dual VVT-i technology.

The 4-cylinder DOHC engine is capable of producing a maximum of 180 ps/6,000 RPM, while the 6-cylinder DOHC engine can produce up to 275 ps/6,000 RPM.

4. Complete security features

The features of the vehicle are one of the factors to consider. Did you know that the Toyota Alphard comes with a full range of safety features? There are 7 airbags in the cabin which reduces the risk of hitting passengers in an accident. Apart from this, there is also ABS EBD DA brake technology. There are also VSC and TRC features that reduce the risk of collision if the car brakes suddenly and more. With this feature, the car's wheels are locked so the car becomes stable.

5. Entertainment features

For those who get bored easily while travelling, the entertainment features on the Alphard car can definitely provide a different atmosphere. You can enjoy various quality features on this Toyota vehicle. Apart from radio, Alphard cars have other features like VCD, WMA, MP3, IPOD, USB, Divx, IPOD, AUX-n and Bluetooth.

6. Smart TV parking system

The Smart TV parking system feature adds to the list of Toyota Alphard car benefits. The system helps the driver to stop the car. The position of the camera is behind the car so it will be very useful to see if there are things behind the car. There is also a sensor around the car that detects objects up to 70cm away. This helps avoid accidents or injuries as the car can avoid these things.

7. Control system in cars

Having a system that controls the performance and engine will be very useful for drivers. You can rely on dual VVT-i, ETCS-i and ACIS technology to optimize driving performance when the vehicle is driven at low or medium speeds.

You can also use this technology to increase the car's power at high speeds. Because the use of fuel can be reduced to a minimum, making it more efficient and economical.

Disadvantages of Alphard cars

Apart from the Alphard car price, here are some disadvantages of the Toyota Alphard that you should consider.

1. Turning radius

The size of the Alphard is not small, so drivers will have to get used to the small turning radius. The seat of the vehicle is 3,000 mm or 3 meters long. To produce a spacious cabin, this car has a width of 1,850 mm. The total length of the car is about 5 meters.

2. Expensive accessories

One of the things you have to accept when using a luxury car is that the accessories are expensive. This is definitely a flaw of Toyota Alphard that you cannot avoid. However, the quality of the accessories is good enough so it is worth the price you pay.

3. Service charges

Owning a luxury car can be a source of pride and joy. However, you should pay attention to the need for cheap car service. In other words, you should always be ready to spend a little money every time you service your car.

Latest Alfard car price list

Want to buy a Toyota Alphard car? As a luxury MPV car, Alphard offers various advantages and features. Of course, this increases driving comfort and safety. To make sure this car fits your budget, first make sure to search for Alfard car price information, especially in 2022.

Want to buy a new car versus a used car? Of course, everyone has their own reasons when choosing a new or used car. Here are the prices of Alfard cars for those who want to create a travel or mobility experience using Alfard:

  • Toyota Alphard 2.5 XA/T starts from IDR 1.173 billion
  • Toyota Alphard 2.5 GA/T starts from IDR 1.328 billion
  • Toyota Alphard 3.5 QA/T starts from IDR 1.605 billion

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