Crazy football - In the early hours of Tuesday (17/10), the qualifier for the 2024 European Cup in Brussels, Belgium was postponed due to the shooting of two Swedish fans. The attack took place outside the stadium but a few hundred meters away from the stadium.

Earlier in the match at the King Baudouin Stadium, a man in a metallic orange suit entered a building and opened fire on two men in Swedish national team uniforms. One person died and another was injured.

The shooter, who shouted religious slogans, has not yet been arrested. He later posted a message on social media saying that his actions were motivated by the spirit of revenge in the Gaza Strip and to avenge the death of a child in the United States due to racial and religious hatred.

Security concerns have led to the postponement of Belgium's match against Sweden.Romelu Lukaku reacts to Viktor Yokerz's goal 15 minutes earlier.

According to reports circulating, the Swedish team has refused to continue the Group F match due to silence and solidarity with a fan who was shot and killed.

Spectators will not be allowed to leave the King Baudouin Stadium and team members from both sides will remain inside the stadium for security reasons. The shooter has not been arrested as of this posting.

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