Understanding hosting

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Hosting is a service. Online Used to manage site or web application data by users and displayed over the Internet. Website files stored on hosting include images; ScriptsVideos, emails, apps and Databases (data base). When you use the Internet and want to access a website, the first thing you do is type the name of Google or certain keywords into the page of a search engine like Google.

If you are still confused, we will make a website example like house building. where, handling It works as a land construction. even if Domain with IP (Internet protocol) is the home address. So, function Domain It is to provide an identity to a website so that there is no duplication and its behavior is guaranteed. Special. Therefore, the intended use handling It is the storage of data and information belonging to the website.

Handling function

handling It has many uses related to website development for personal and personal needs Company or company. Following are some of the usage functions. handlingare as follows.

1. Create a web page

The first, of course, is used to create a site that stores a lot of information and documents related to users or businesses. So, using the package accommodate, Then your website will appear on Search programs To reach more visitors on the internet.

2. Set up an online shopping and selling site

If you want to create an online store website or as it is often called EcommerceYou have to use it handling Any information you include can be analyzed and read by search engines. Store website development Online It can bring in a large number of customers and your site will be well known among the public.

3. Do it Professional email

The third task is to create a professional email or known as your own company or domain email. The goal, of course, is to increase your business credibility and appear more professional. For example, support@your_domain_name.com, make sure you have one before creating the email Domain And handling.

4. Able to protect the website with SSL

The last task is to protect the website from malware attacks, viruses, DDOS attacks or spam signals. So, with hosting support, you can install SSL (Secure socket layer) to make your site safer and better.

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Types of web hosting

After discussing several functions, we will move on to the topic of types of web hosting.

1. Cloud-based hosting

Cloud based hosting It's the most sought-after package right now because it doesn't have it. Vacation time. Cloud hosting It uses a server group that contains duplicate files and resources on each server. So, when one of your servers is busy, your site's traffic is automatically blocked.ways to another server in the cluster.

2. Provided hosting

Hosting provided It is a server package that gives you maximum control over the service. handling It is used on your website. Its usage is very flexible, apart from being able to work between the operating system itself and the software being used.

3. Shared hosting

Shared hosting It is a type of package handling Traditional which divides one server into many User Different, according to the needs of the server. The advantage of this service is that it is affordable and very suitable for running a simple website or blog site.

4. VPS hosting

Virtual private servers Or VPS handling It is a combination or middle point Given And Cloud hosting. Where, users can use the same functions. Dedicated servers At the same price as the package Cloud hosting. VPS hosting Best suited for high traffic website needs.

5. WordPress hosting

And it is the last kind WordPress Hosting, It is another type of package. Shared hosting Designed specifically for users WordPress. This server is packed with features. It is already installed Plugins With a properly optimized configuration. These packages also provide additional features such as themes, Pre-designed, Drag and drop page builderas well Developer tools More specific.

How hosting works

How the package works handling It started as a service company handling It provides server space that stores assets and data for website needs. When there is User Who writes the domain name of the website in the browser, then Hosts Sends the files needed to access the website.

Of course in use handling Also pay rent every month. If you pay on time then the server service is always easily accessible and can work properly without any interruptions related to connections etc.


  1. Hosting is a service system. Online To manage a site for users to view it through Internet media.
  2. The main function of use handling With the help of SSL, it can host various websites, create professional emails and secure sites.
  3. There are many types Website coordinatorIncluding cloud-based, dedicated, shared, VPS and WordPress hosting.

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