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Norway failed to win a ticket to the 2024 European Cup, which ruled out Erling Haaland's appearance in Germany.

Norway lost 0-1 to Spain in the 2024 European Cup qualifiers.

The result puts Norway in third place in Group A with 10 points. With one game to go, Norway cannot compete with Spain and Scotland, who have 15 points.


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This means Norway will have to wait for their chance to get a play-off ticket. In that phase, they will fight to reach the 2024 European Cup in Germany.

If Haaland fails, he could miss out on the World Championship stage again. He will also not participate in the 2022 World Cup because his country failed in the group stage.


The Manchester City striker was very influential in Norway during the 2024 European Cup qualifiers.

In addition to the host Germany, the 6 countries that have been confirmed to qualify for the 2024 European Cup are Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Scotland and Turkey.

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