Many people dream of buying a car. This huge demand drives car makers to keep innovating to create cars that meet the needs of consumers. Congested roads often make it easier for consumers to pass smaller cars. This reason can be the background of the creation of Mazda cars. This car is very popular among Indonesian people because of its small size. Not only in size but also in various benefits. Here, you can find the various reasons why Mazda cars are chosen by many Indonesian people and the advantages of this car.

An overview of Mazda cars

An overview of Mazda cars
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Mazda Motor Corporation is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan. In the year In 2015, Mazda succeeded in producing 1.5 million vehicles sold worldwide. Most of the factories of this company are in Japan and other products are made all over the world.

Mazda in 2010 In 2015, it became the 15th largest automotive manufacturer worldwide. Other names you have already met are Sumera Go and Tenshi Go.

The name comes from Ahura Mazda, which served as a hope that this company's products could light up small vehicles. The name comes from the founder of the Mazda company, Jujiro Matsuda. Other names considered have the meaning of God and angel. This shows the strength of human faith.

Types of Mazda cars

The following is information about Mazda car types, from sedans to wagons. Check out the explanation below!


Sedans are one of the most common types of cars, but they are often confused with hatchbacks and wagons. This is because of the number of passengers it can accommodate, which is four to five people. Sedans are one of the best-selling car types in Indonesia. Not only as private cars, sedans are also used as official vehicles and taxis.


The name of this type of car is a short and tailless sedan. This makes the trunk of this car very narrow. Although the luggage space is small, car owners can expand it by folding the back seat when they are not using this space.


A wagon is a sedan body with a long rear roof that reaches above the trunk. This car has a fairly large side window, which is located between the rear glass pillar and also the trunk. This car has a passenger compartment directly connected to the trunk. Compared to the above two types, this car has a longer suspension. This makes the cabin longer and wider and can accommodate more items.

Latest Mazda car price list

There are different types of Mazda cars and of course each type has a different price. Here you can know the latest Mazda car price list. Mazda 2 Hatchback is priced starting at 368 million rupees. The Mazda 2 Sedan is priced the same as the Mazda 2 Hatchback, starting at 368 million rupiah.

Mazda 3 Hatchback is priced starting at 555 million rupees. Meanwhile, Mazda 3 Sedan is priced from 525 million rupiah. Mazda 6 Elite Sedan prices start from 700 million rupees. Mazda 6 Elite Estate is priced starting at 700 million rupiah. Mazda CX-3 prices start from 395 million rupees. Mazda CX-30 price starts from 571 million rupees. Mazda CX-5 is priced at 636 million rupees. Mazda CX-8 is priced starting at 835 million rupiah. Finally, Mazda CX-9 has prices starting from 950 million rupees.

Used Mazda car prices

Although they no longer do business in Indonesia since 2017, Mazda cars are still sought after by many automotive enthusiasts in Indonesia. There are 10 models in service that the public can still purchase. The best price you can get for a used Mazda 2 is from 40 million. Mazda 3 is priced from 50 million rupees.

Mazda CX-3 is a 100 million rupiah car and can be used starting from 150 million rupiah. Mazda CX-30 used prices starting from 400 million. Mazda CX-5 is priced starting at 110 million rupiah. Mazda 6 is priced starting at 90 million rupees. Mazda MX-5 prices start from 150 million rupees. The new car CX-9 is included in the sub-100 million used car category with prices starting from 80 million rupees.

Mazda car details

Mazda car details
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For this car's specs, you can't feel it anymore. This car is strong enough to be used in urban areas prone to traffic jams. This car also has various entertainment features that will make you feel less bored when the roads are busy while you are in the car.

Despite its small size, this car has so much space that you won't feel uncomfortable inside. This car can be used to transport more goods and more passengers. But this varies according to the type of Mazda car you choose because the specifications of each type of Mazda car are different.