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Auto retail sales in August 2023 reached 86,361 units, or a 13.1 percent increase compared to July. From these figures, Toyota is still at the top of the ranking Best selling brand.

Toyota maintained its position after registering sales of 28,104 units, according to retail data from the Indonesian Automotive Industries Association (Gaikindo).


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This Japanese brand has succeeded in increasing its sales across various flagships considering that Toyota's sales stood at 25,908 units in July.

Underneath Toyota is Daihatsu, but its sales are far behind at 16,335 units.


Then Honda is in third place or the same as in July. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi and Suzuki seem to be in fierce competition for sales in August.

It is very interesting to see the list of top 10 best selling brands in August 2023. The South Korean manufacturer Hyundai managed to climb to the sixth place as the best brand by selling 3,211 units in August.

Meanwhile, Wuling was in the 10th best-selling car brand for the same month. Wuling is the second non-Japanese manufacturer to successfully stay in the top 10 of a national car race.

On the other hand, in August, car deliveries from factories to distributors or wholesalers increased by 10.5 percent to 88,876 units compared to July.

List of top 10 best selling car brands at retail in August 2023:

1. Toyota 28,104 units
2. Daihatsu 16,335 units
3. Honda 10,050 units
4. Mitsubishi 7,976 units
5. Suzuki 7,040 units
6. Hyundai 3,211 units
7. Mitsubishi Fuso 2,803 units
8. Isuzu 2,759 units
9. Hino 2,500 units
10. Wuling 2,386 units

List of top 10 best-selling car brands at retail in January-August 2023:

1. Toyota 210,842 units
2. Daihatsu 134,223 units
3. Honda 86,856 units
4. Mitsubishi 56,336 units
5. Suzuki 54,578 units
6. Hyundai 23,715 units
7. Mitsubishi Fuso 22,693 units
8. Isuzu 20,822 units
9. Hino 17,744 units
10. Wuling 16,067 units

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[Gambas:Video CNN]