You often hear people talk about auto parts, but don't know what this part of a motor vehicle is? This is the perfect time to start knowing what an alternator is and its important role in every vehicle, including cars.

The following Qoala article includes some information about variants, including the definition, classes and functions of variants, as well as the cost of serving variants on trusted workshops.

What is a car alternator?

What is a car alternator?
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Cars are becoming the vehicle that more and more people use for mobility purposes. However, owning a car is not as easy as you think. There are a lot of things to consider, including making sure that every component, including the engine, works properly.

If there is a problem or damage to a particular part, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for providing proper service by doing the repair himself at home or going to an official repair shop or a general repair shop.

There is one component that plays an important role in the performance of a car, namely the alternator. Have you ever heard this word? The car battery is closely related to the battery and the car's electrical source.

If you're not familiar with alternators, you probably know what a dynamo is. In fact, dynamo and alternator are the same, i.e. power generation components in motor vehicles. Because electricity is an important part of every type of vehicle. The role of the alternator dynamo is as a means to generate electricity for all the parts that need electricity to work.

Car replacement functions

As a component that plays an important role in every vehicle, including cars, you might be curious about the function of a car alternator. It is a method of generating electricity for every part of a motor vehicle, including cars that require alternating current. This means that this component works to provide electricity.

Have you ever thought that the battery is the source of electricity in a vehicle? If the vehicle's engine is running, the alternator will work. In other words, when the engine is turned off, these components do not work properly.

The parts of the vehicle that generally require an electrical supply are the lights, audio and AC. Obviously, the inverter works to charge the battery to maintain a stable voltage so that the battery does not discharge easily.

It uses alternating electromagnetic principles, this component has an important role to ensure that each electrical part works properly with sufficient electrical power.

What if there is no automotive alternative? There is a big possibility that the performance of the car may be low. A car does not have an electric generator, so if the battery runs out, it can break down suddenly.

Talking about the function of the parts in the car, of course it is related to how the car body works. In short, the alternator works by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Using electromagnetic operating principles, the alternator converts motor rotation into electrical energy.

Electric current is generated from the stator coil. Then there is an IC control unit that controls the electric current in the car battery so that it does not exceed what is needed to charge the electricity.

Auto parts

To work properly, the alternator certainly cannot work alone. There are also important variables that you should pay attention to. In fact, it is not uncommon for problems with the alternator to be caused by damage to one of the components. In order to repair problems or damage to the alternator, you need to know if there is damage to one or more components.

What are auto parts? Here is the review

Alternate cover

One of the important parts of the switch is the cover. This one entity is the source of all existing entities. The shape resembles a hole with its own function, which is a cooling device to prevent the engine from overheating, burning and damage.


The rotor is a part of an alternator that rotates in the stator and has an important role in producing the magnetic field. A rotor consists of a set of rotors or what is known as a coil that generates a magnetic field. When the wire receives an electric current, the magnetic poles in the core are attracted to N poles and some to S poles.

Then these poles form a winding coil that rotates in the stator.

Replacement pulley

The next part is the alternator pulley, which is connected to the belt to rotate the rotor oil that it contains. It is shaped like a wheel to receive all the rotations from the machine.


Another important component is the alternator control. Its function is to ensure that the alternator continues to produce a stable voltage even if the rpm increases very quickly. This component ensures that the machine is not easily damaged due to fluctuations in electrical voltage.


A diode is a component that converts electrical current into direct current. Then, the current flows to the components that need electricity.


There is usually more than one bearing that supports the rotor coil ends for rotation.

Symptoms of problems with the car alternator

As an important part, the alternator must always work properly. However, have you ever thought that there is something different when you drive your favorite car?

This may be due to a problem in the alternator circuit. Always check this part regularly to prevent problems or damage to this part.

Here are some signs of a problem alternator or faulty alternator that you should know and be aware of.

1. Burning smell

Alternator is part of the power generation in a car engine. This means that this element is closely related to whether the battery is working or not. In fact, it's one of the reasons why the battery in your car isn't working properly. Try checking the dynamo ampere section.

The function of the accessory is to participate in the process of charging a working battery. That is why the dynamic is an important part for the car to perform well, to be safe and comfortable.

One of the signs of a damaged alternator is a burning smell in the engine. Machining is one of the most serious causes of this problem. So the battery cannot work as it should.

2. Sound appears

You can check the engine of the car to make sure there are no problems in the alternator. If the noise occurs, it will cause discomfort to the driver. Especially if the voice or voice comes from the machine.

If the alternator does not perform well, this situation will get worse. When you hear a screeching noise from the car engine, it is better to take the car to the nearest repair shop immediately. If the engine is not working properly, it can put the driver and passengers in danger.

3. Front car lights are dim

Another sign of a problem with an alternator on a car is dimming of the headlights. When such a problem occurs, it is not impossible for the vehicle owner to immediately go to the repair shop to get replacement service.

This situation becomes obvious when the car is not moving. However, in some cases a faulty alternator actually makes the headlights too bright. Perhaps this is caused by overcharging, where the battery heats up quickly.

4. The indicator light is on

Do you know more specific features of the problematic variant? If the indicator light on the dashboard is on, this could be a sign of damage to the used car parts. If this happens constantly, you need to know how to deal with the car indicator light coming from the quail.

5. Battery condition

Is the damage to the alternator caused by the condition of the battery? You can try to confirm this by starting the car and then pay attention to the state of the battery jump. Disconnect the cable connected to the jumper. So, if the vehicle is still running, the problem is with the battery. But if the car slows down when the cable is out, damage to the alternator will occur.

6. Battery does not work

A battery that doesn't work or drains quickly can alternatively be a sign of another problem. for what Damage to the alternator will cause the battery charging process to be interrupted, so the power required by the car will be out of balance. As a result, the battery will wear out quickly even if it has just been replaced. Regarding car batteries, also read how to take care of car batteries to keep them from dying!

7. Excessive electricity supply

An excessive power supply is another sign of a damaged alternator. Some sources say that the voltage that should be received cannot be more than 15 volts. Therefore, if there is an excessive supply of electricity, it may cause problems or damage to the inverter.

How to repair car parts

If you already know the characteristics or symptoms of a damaged alternator, the vehicle owner should definitely find a way to repair the alternator. You can do it yourself at home or immediately go to the nearest workshop.

So, if you first want to try to repair a broken auto part yourself, there are several steps you can take, including:

Check the Alternator Bearing part

If you feel you can still repair the alternator yourself without having to go to a car dealership, check the bolts first. You may want a pulley on the alternator using...