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Kylian Mbappe has revealed his desire to move to Real Madrid before deciding to stay at Paris Saint-Germain. What made him change his mind?

Kylian Mbappe is staying at PSG and has signed a three-year contract. This brings to an end the transfer reports that he was previously tipped to join Real Madrid.

Mbappe initially seemed certain to move to Real Madrid. He has been known to fans for a long time Los Blancos And the possibility of a transfer this summer is very big, the contract expires in June.


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Even when Mbappe, who is rumored to appoint Zinedine Zidane as PSG's idol coach, appears to be changing the story. So where is the turning point?

After several controversies, Mbappé's decision to leave PSG seems to have subsided. This came after PSG made a huge effort to convince him to stay.


Real Madrid tried to match this offer. Fort Los Merengues Mbappe will succeed in attracting him by relying on the ideas and gestures he has shown so far.

However, as can be seen, there are several different aspects. Mbappe's mother Faiza Lamari confirmed that the offers from PSG and Madrid were almost identical and her son accepted both.

Ultimately, it is the details that distinguish PSG's proposal from Madrid's, which is believed to have kept Mbappe. These include large contract signing incentives (signing fees) and a say in group decisions and deals with Qatar.

This control of team decisions is difficult to achieve in Real Madrid. Because in PSG the influence of the manager or coach is still less than in Madrid.

But money played a role in Mbappe's decision. Then there's the Qatari influence too, considering PSG's owner is from there.

Qatar is hosting the World Cup this year, so it has great significance. This political influence was felt with French President Emmanuel Macron himself stepping in to urge Mbappe to stay at PSG.

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