For most people, a car is more than just a vehicle. This four wheeler can go along with different types of roads in different situations and conditions. Therefore, a high security system is a must have in a car. One way to get it is to use the best car alarm.

Regardless of the make and type of car you have, you should have the best car alarm. Nowadays, quite a few car alarms can be paired with all kinds of cars. This is indeed very profitable. You can also use the same car alarm when changing cars.

For recommendations on the best car alarm brands this year, you can read the article shared by Qoala. Not only that, but you can also find out how many car alarms there are and what are the exact functions of car alarms.

What is a car alarm?

What is a car alarm?
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You can install the best automotive car alarm to increase security in the car. A car alarm is a device designed for vehicles as part of the vehicle's security system. Car alarm is really important because it has different functions.

Types of car alarms

To find the best car alarm, you first need to know what types of alarms are available for cars. That way, you won't make the wrong choice because you've purchased an alarm based on your needs.

In general, if something suspicious is detected in the car, the alarm will sound loudly. The alarm can read shocks, signals and sensors that it thinks are suspicious. In fact, many car manufacturers have equipped their cars with car alarms. However, if your car is not equipped with this feature, it means that you need to get a remote car alarm.

Here are several types of car alarms to help you find the best option:

1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

An original equipment manufacturer or OEM is a type of alarm installed on cars. Usually, this product comes with various features that are available in the vehicles provided by the car manufacturers. Its function is to protect four-wheelers from various thefts.

2. After the market

So, for those who are looking for the best car alarm product, you will definitely want to buy this type of alarm. This product is not an official car manufacturer product but you can use it. The benefits and features are usually more complete than OEM alarms.

This allows users to install multiple features and components based on their anticipated security needs. For example, you can add a keyless alarm feature.

Depending on their function, alarms are divided into several types, namely:

1. Auto-lock / unlock

This type of alarm works based on engine sensors. If you are in a car, the doors will lock automatically after you start the engine. If the engine stops, the door will open again.

2. Remotely controlled sensor bypass

You can also choose a car alarm remote control. With this alarm, you can control when the car door closes or opens using the remote control. Have you tried using this alert before? Be sure not to forget the remote maintenance to prevent the car remote control from working.

3. Anti-scanning, catch prevention, code removal

So, another type of alarm that can help protect your car is an anti-scan or anti-scan alarm. Thieves can scan the car's security code and then hack and change it. As a result, he was able to break into the security system of the car that was the target of the theft. The anti-scan alarm security system can prevent thieves from hacking code numbers. In this way, the car will be protected from theft.

4. Two-level shock sensor or two-zone shock sensor

If you're still interested in other types of alarms, you can consider a two-step shock sensor type alarm. This type is very responsive to shocks.

The alarm will even sound at the first detected panic signal. If you ignore the first shock, the alarm will sound if subsequent shocks or collisions occur.

5. Disable automatic sensor/starter output

Want to keep your car safe? You can disable automatic sensors. When a thief forces the engine to start using a different key than the captured car key, the sensor cuts off the electricity in the car. The goal is to prevent thieves from driving the car.

6. LED system status indicator

Another great type of car alarm is the LED system status indicator. This type of alarm can report abnormalities detected by flash codes. It can be one, two or three flashes with different meanings.

7. GPS car alarm

For those of you who want an alert with advanced technology, there's no reason not to adopt a GPS car alert. If someone tries to break into the car, the alarm will not sound. But the owner of the vehicle can track the location of the car using the alarm installed on the car.

Car alarm function

Want to install an alarm on your car for protection and safety? It is good if you know what the functions of a car alarm are. So you will no longer hesitate to install an alarm, especially on cars that are not equipped with these safety features by the manufacturer.

So, what are the exact functions of a car alarm? Check out the review below!

1. As a security system

The purpose of using an alarm is to ensure the safety of the vehicle. This is definitely one of the best car alarm functions in general. The alarm doesn't just go off when someone tries to steal the car. However, if there is a fire signal, it can give a signal or code.

The sensor on the alarm is designed to be sensitive enough to detect something wrong with the machine. When a short circuit occurs or there is a spark, the alarm will immediately sound and warn the car owner.

2. Warning signs

Another function of a car alarm is to warn of danger. It is not uncommon for drivers to be distracted and not pay attention to the road. As a result, it is so dangerous that it can cause an accident.

However, if you install the best car alarm, the alarm can be a warning sign if there are things you need to avoid on the road. This will certainly be very useful to avoid accidents or unwanted things.

The alarm turns out to be very sensitive to large and small objects. Make sure you install the right car alarm if you want to get this kind of functionality. Even so, make sure that the car alarm does not keep going off because car alarms going off can cause air pollution.

3. Getting a car

This is not a joke because a car alarm is very helpful in finding the vehicle. If you are in a far away parking lot and you don't know where your car is, the alarm will help you find your car. The alarm can track the location of the car in the event of theft and when the car is far away from where you live.

Tips for the best car alarms

Tips for the best car alarms
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If your car alarm is no longer working, you need a new alarm. In fact, you are free to choose any type and brand of alarm because you can customize it to your needs.

However, if this is your first time choosing this product and you are worried that your choice is not right and it is just a waste of money, you may want to consider the best car alarm tips.

What are the best car alarms you can install on your favorite car? The following tips are for you so that you don't get confused in choosing the right car alarm.

1. iSmart Keyless Entry

If your car does not have a car alarm feature, you can purchase an aftermarket product. One of the best car alarm options is the iSmart keyless entry.

This car alarm is very expensive because the price is about IDR 4.7, but you can turn the car engine on and off without a key. In other words, you only need to use the remote alarm when you want to start the car engine.

The advantages of this alarm are many, including a sensor that can detect signals from a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. In addition to this distance, you can open the car. This comes in handy if the kids can't wait to get into the car while you're far away from the car. You can enter the car first without waiting to open the car yourself.

This best car alarm is specially designed for Toyota cars. In addition, there are sockets suitable for the car. To install it, plug it into the car without disturbing the cables.

2. Fortech FT666

If you're curious about other great car alarms, why not check out the details on the FORTECH FT666? The price of this car alarm is very reasonable, ie IDR 165 thousand. This means you can use a car alarm without worrying about a hole in your pocket. Since it is a universal car, you can pair this alarm with any kind of car.

When you buy this alarm, you get two remote controls, one of which you can use as a spare. Although it is affordable, this alarm offers automatic central locking and locking feature.

This alarm provides sound and light warnings. There are also reminders you can activate. The silent lock and unlock feature will surely make you...