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September 7, 2022

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Friends of Qwords Having trouble with your web hosting? So what do you do next?

Therefore, in this article we will discuss various types of errors in web hosting and their solutions.

Even if you useManage web hosting”, that is, server management is handled by the hosting provider, but errors may still appear.

Especially "what you haveUnmanaged servers” As with VPS and Dedicated Servers, errors are your own responsibility.

Let's read the following explanation about handling errors until the end so that you don't get confused when you encounter an error!

Errors in web hosting

1. Status code 1XX

100 status code excludes all errors with web hosting, 1XX code indicates that the request from the browser was successful and in progress.

  • Code 100 It means go ahead.
  • Code 101 It means changing protocols.
  • Code 103 This means that the server sends headers before all of the server data is sent.

2. Status code 2XX

A status code in the 200s means that the request was successfully received by the server, understood and processed successfully.

  • Code 200 It means that everything is going well.
  • Code 201 This means that the request from the browser was successful and new data was created.
  • Code 202 This means that the server has received the request from the browser and is still processing it.
  • Code 203 It means the proxy user has been found successfully.
  • Code 204 Means the server was successfully executed but no content was displayed.
  • Code 205 The meaning is the same as 204, but the server resets the content.
  • Code 206 It means that the server sends only the specific data requested by the browser.

3. Status code 3XX

Status code 300s means redirection. This means that the old data has been modified and moved to a new location.

  • Code 300 This means that the server will show many data options, which usually happens because there are many versions of the data on the server.
  • Number 301 This means that the data is permanently replaced with new data.
  • Number 302 This means that the data is replaced by new data, but only temporarily.
  • Number 303 Using the GET method means that the request can be found under another URL.
  • Number 304 It means that the requested data source has not changed since you last accessed it.
  • Number 305 It means that the available resources are only available through proxy.
  • Number 306 This means that subsequent requests must use the specified proxy.
  • Number 307 Temporary redirect means, the data request should be repeated with another URL, the original URL should be used for subsequent requests.
  • Number 308 A static redirect means that the request must be repeated using a different URL.

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4. Status code 4XX

Status code 400s means there is a problem with the web browser. It may be a problem with the web browser or a request from the web browser is problematic.

  • Error code 400A bad request means there is an error on the user's browser end.
  • Error code 401Unauthorized means that the browser is not authorized to request the server.
  • Error code 402i.e. payment is required, the payment amount does not match the requested account.
  • Error code 403that is, the user is accessing something unauthorized by the server.
  • Error code 404 This means that the information requested by the browser was not found on the server.
  • Error code 405That is, the request was accepted by the server, but the server refused to fulfill the request.
  • Error code 406The error is caused by the server header and security module settings.
  • Error code 407meaning an authentication request from the proxy you are using.
  • Error code 408That is, the server timed out because it was waiting for the browser to send the request.
  • Error code 409meaning a conflict between the requested information and the available information.
  • Error code 410It means that the requested data is never available on the server.
  • Error code 411That is, the browser's request does not match the amount of data requested by the browser.
  • Error code 412That is, the browser has a certain request, but the server cannot fulfill it.
  • Error code 413Error 413 means that the request from the browser is too large for the server to process.
  • Error code 414 This means that the URL sent by the browser is too long for the server to process.
  • Error code 415that is, the browser is requesting a file type that is not supported by the server.
  • Error code 416 This means that the server cannot display the file requested by the client.
  • Error code 417That is, the server cannot meet the special conditions requested by the browser.
  • Error code 418that is, there are restrictions on requests from a single server geographic area for certain countries.
  • Error code 422That means there was a language error and the server could not do it.
  • Error code 425that is, the server rejected the request because it was repeated.
  • Error code 426It means an upgrade request from the server to a different protocol.
  • Error code 428First it means some requests from the server for the browser to be armed.
  • Error code 429 It means there are too many questions in a given time frame.
  • Error code 431that is, the written header is too large to be processed by the server.
  • Error code 451It means that the requested information cannot be processed due to legal issues.
  • Error code 499This means that the client stops the request while the server is processing it.

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5. Status code 5XX

Status codes 500 are caused by errors on the server side. Errors on this server are very difficult to fix because special technical skills are required.

  • Error code 500It means that there is a problem with the server, usually the words "Internal server error" appear.
  • Error code 501That is, the server does not support requests from the browser.
  • Error code 502That is, the gateway or proxy received an invalid response from the server.
  • Error code 503That is, the server cannot fulfill the current server request.
  • Error code 504That is, the server cannot connect to the main server.
  • Error code 505 means that the server does not support the HTTP version used in the browser.
  • Error code 511This means that the network you are using needs authentication to send requests from the server.
  • Error code 521that means the web server has a problem.

6. A notification will appear.coming soon” when editing the page

This problem can be caused by two things.

PfirstBecause the browser used still loads the old version of the web display.

secondAn error occurred while uploading content. The solution is, do it Clear cache Check the browser or upload the fileIndex” already running in storage.

7. The appearance does not change when you edit a page.

The solution to this problem is very simple.

You just need to delete it Cache The browser will then change the display according to the updates.

8. The validity period of the site has expired

This can happen when your hosting expires. Contact your hosting provider immediately Renovation.

The second indication is when you have recently made changes to the site, then the changes will result Vacation time.

You should also contact the host immediately for further handling.

9. Website cannot display images

If suddenly all the images on the website disappear, there can be two reasons, among them:
firstthe image could not be uploaded to the hosting account.

Such problems can be fixed by trying to reinstall.
second, the image is in the wrong folder. Right-click where the image will be placed, selectOpen the image in a new tabHe said.

The URL will appear when you open a new tab.

10. Incorrect website layout

Incorrect website layout can be detected when the website displays only text without any design elements.

This web hosting problem can be caused by missing site CSS.

To do this, find out where the CSS file is, then move it to where it is located.

You can do the following steps to get the layout of the CSS file.

  • Right click the room Homepage Then select the option "See the source"
  • Go to the top of the page and see a section like this "CSS file directory"
  • Make sure your CSS file is in the repository.

How to overcome errors in hosting

The first step when your website goes wrong is to stay calm, not panic.

Before contacting the host's support team, you can check the cause of the error by hosting yourself.

If the response from the support team is good, that's okay, but if they don't respond for a long time, you'll have to fix it yourself.

So how to solve hosting errors?