As football is the most popular sport in the world, it is a lucrative business opportunity. The huge popularity of football clubs generates a lot of revenue from sales. MerchandiseTickets, broadcast rights and sponsorship deals have attracted investors from around the world, including the United States.

Investors from the United States have been operating for many years with majority stakes in soccer clubs. Several high-profile cases have occurred in recent decades. The following are the top 5 European clubs owned by American investors.

2. Frank McCourt - Olympique Marseille

What are the top 5 European clubs owned by American investors?Frank McCourt (

French Ligue 1 club Olympique Marseille was bought by American businessman Frank McCourt in 2016. The 67-year-old investor paid 45 million euros or around $773 billion to complete the deal and now owns 95% of the club's shares.

His other ventures include owning the Los Angeles Marathon, California's annual running race.

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3. Stan Kroenke - Arsenal

What are the top 5 European clubs owned by American investors?Stan Kroenke (

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Stan Kroenke first invested in Arsenal in April 2009 when he bought a 9.9% stake. The American is now Arsenal's sole shareholder after buying the remaining stake from Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov for £550 million, or 11 trillion birr.

Kroenke owns Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, which owns Arsenal, the Los Angeles Rams, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association's Denver Nuggets, and Major League Soccer's Colorado Rapids.

4. Fenway Sports Team - Liverpool

What are the top 5 European clubs owned by American investors?CEO Fenway Sports Group (

Liverpool was bought by Fenway Sports Group on 15 October 2010 for £300 million or IDR 6 trillion. FSG is not only the parent company of Premier League clubs, but also owns the Boston Red Sox, which plays in Major League Baseball.

John Henry and Thomas Werner were the founding members of the sports company. They are also the sole shareholders of Liverpool's stadium Anfield and Liverpool.

5. The Glazer Family - Manchester United

What are the top 5 European clubs owned by American investors?The Glazer Family (

Perhaps the most popular and talked about owner due to the popularity of the club is the Glazer family of owners of Manchester United. Malcolm Glazer first announced his stake in the club in September 2003 and gradually increased the number of shares he held by buying from other investors.

Over the next few years, Malcolm Glazer became the club's sole shareholder, and the cost of taking the entire stake was £800 million, or around $16 trillion. But the capital's purchase of Manchester United was secured by a loan against the club's assets, which created debt for the club, angering fans who turned against the team.

This football is a huge magnet as the world's most popular sport. Football is not only an exciting competition but also a lucrative industry. It is no wonder that investors from America, the world's commercial center, began to expand European football.

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