The use of electric cars is not new. Although many people do not use or own, the existence of this type of electric car in Indonesia is known. From 2022, Toyota has released a series of different electric cars Hybrid electric vehicles or HEV.

HEV cars are a popular type of electric car among Indonesians. However, you should know that there are actually different types of electric cars that can be chosen according to the needs and desires of each individual. Wondering what types of electric cars are available? Please pay attention to the explanation below.

4 types of electric cars

Currently, electric cars are divided into 4 different types that all Indonesian people can choose from. There are those that use batteries and electric motors entirely, but there are still those that have a gasoline engine. In Auto2000 Digiroom you can choose different electric technology cars, you can enjoy the ease of ownership. Then let's study each type in detail below.

1. Hybrid electric vehicles (HIV)

HEV (Hybrid electric vehicle) is a type of car that combines a gasoline or diesel engine with an electric motor. mixture This can use power sources from both machines alternately or simultaneously.

The battery is used to store the energy generated when the car is running Regenerative braking (charging the battery while the car is braking) or when the gasoline or diesel engine produces more power than required.

So an electric motor uses the energy from the battery to power the car, while a gasoline or diesel engine is used to generate additional power when needed.

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2. Battery electric vehicles (BEV)

Bevy (battery electric vehicle) It is a type of car that uses electricity as the sole source of power to propel the vehicle on the road. This car is also known as electric as it does not have a petrol or diesel engine. This means that this car does not produce exhaust emissions like normal cars.

Electric cars use batteries Lithium-ion To store and distribute electrical energy for the electric motor that drives the car. The battery can be charged using a socket or special electric vehicle (EV) charger filling station).

3. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

Not much different from the HIV, this car is a type of vehicle that combines a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle As a car, it can use power sources from both machines alternately or simultaneously. mixture all in all.

The difference, cars mixture This feature allows the battery to be charged using a socket or electric vehicle (EV) charger. filling station).

This allows the car to operate using only the electric power source when necessary, such as in the city or when traveling short distances. Of course, fuel consumption is very efficient and saves costs.

4. Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV)

This type of FCEV still uses electricity to drive the car, but does not use fuel or batteries. In particular, this type of car uses the chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen. The result of this chemical reaction creates a large amount of electricity, which makes the car drive a long distance.

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3 types of electric cars recommended from Toyota

Toyota, which has been involved in the Indonesian automotive world since 1938, will definitely not miss the release of electric cars. If you're looking for an electric car, here are some top tips from Toyota.

1. Toyota All New BZ4X

First up is the all-new Toyota BZ4X, launched in 2022. His existence will be a car. Full The first electric car was introduced by Toyota to the people of Indonesia. The interiors and exteriors are beautifully designed so that everyone inside feels comfortable.

Even embedded Panoramic roof During the trip, passengers can enjoy the beautiful sky. No need to ask for technology and safety as the Toyota All New BZ4X is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense to ensure the safety of all passengers.

2. Toyota New C-HR Hybrid

If you choose by car mixture Then Toyota New C-HR Hybrid can also be selected. Of course, there are petrol engines and electric motors that make the driving experience easier.

Availability of car mixture It is very efficient and environmentally friendly. Small amounts of exhaust emissions help protect the environment and the earth from dangerous global warming.

The engine is 2ZR-FXE and mixture 4th generation. This car is available in 4 very stylish and luxurious color options. 18 inch edges with Amazing mix It adds a beautiful feel even to the exterior.

Toyota's new C-HR Hybrid car is safety proven and equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, so you can drive with peace of mind.

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3. Toyota New Camry

Still with the type of car mixture, Toyota released a very attractive sedan. The interior is designed to be very modern to support the technology installed in it.

The spacious cabin space with Toyota Safety Sense protection will surely make your journey enjoyable. Apart from this, the Toyota New Camry Hybrid uses the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which prioritizes aspects of directionality, stability and user comfort.

TNGA is one of the best products offered by Toyota in cars. mixture What he took out.

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