The demand for web hosting services in Indonesia is increasing with the growth of online businesses. This high demand for web hosting has resulted in the proliferation of web hosting providers in Indonesia with various attractive offerings.
The competition between web hosting providers in Indonesia makes them compete to attract customers. Usually, a hosting provider offers various cheap hosting packages, discounts and bonuses with free domains or free premium services.

The competition may appear to favor customers. However, these promotions and bonuses may just be scams. We have selected 11 hosting providers in Indonesia. We selected these sites based on search results using Google for the keywords "best hosting" and "cheapest hosting". In addition, we ask colleagues to provide us with information about the hosting provider they use.
After selecting the top hosting providers, we purchased a hosting package from these providers and then installed a WordPress based site.
Once the theme and content are installed, We test and test website speed using Gtmetrix and LightHouse.. The GTMetrix server testing location we use is Hong Kong. Therefore, physical distance between servers does not provide significant bias. To monitor server stability and responsiveness; We monitor each site using the UptimeRobot Pro plan.. So we can monitor server performance minute by minute. We monitor each site for one to two months. We compare the average turnaround time and response time to the international average review.

What other things are evaluated?

In addition to the previously mentioned factors, we also reviewed several other important factors:

  • Price. Quality hosting doesn't have to be a financial burden. While there are some hosts with cheaper prices, we make sure to strike a balance between price and quality. We also explore flexible payment options.
  • Behavior We check technical details like storage space, CPU, memory, additional domains and bandwidth. Additionally, we pay attention to the unique features it can offer, such as a user-friendly dashboard, a built-in website builder, or a host of SEO tools.
  • customer service. We look not only at the efficiency and availability of customer service, but also whether the support representatives help us solve problems in a non-technical and easy-to-understand way. We make sure you can always get the help you need, even if you are inexperienced.

We evaluate all these factors and pay attention to their overall balance. Excellent customer support doesn't mean much if the hosting delivers poor performance. So we rate each host based on its overall performance.

What are the best web hosting providers in Indonesia?

Based on our evaluation and performance tests, here are 11 Indonesian hosting sites with the best service and website performance.

  1. Host
  2. Niagahoster
  3. SiteGround
  4. Qwords
  5. Exabytes
  6. Dawaweb
  7. Domain
  8. IDWebhost
  9. DyHost
  10. HomeWeb
  11. WHplus

You can find out the pros and cons of each company by clicking on the links on the names of the hosting providers above.

If you want to try web hosting, you need to create a real website

If you really want to test the quality of web hosts, the best way is to create a fully functional website where each host is tested. And that's what we did. We chose WordPress as a platform because of its great popularity all over the world and in Indonesia. We create complete WordPress-based websites with all the expected modern features like HD images, scrolling effects and call-to-action buttons.

Hosting provider test site
We monitor the performance of the same landing page on all hosts

We understand that the content on our site can feel a little overwhelming. Our motto is "Health and nutrition, a new concept". However, thinking of new concepts for health and nutrition can be challenging. I don't have a real answer to that. That's something I can confirm. We hosted the same sites with each hosting provider to accurately evaluate their performance with minimal margin for error.. All this was done without informing the hosting provider that we were trying.

Results and Analysis - How Do Hosts Compete?

Rating the sites we choose is quite a challenge. Each hosting provider has its own pros and cons. To make the review easier, here are 9 things to look for when buying and reviewing hosting packages from each provider.

#1 Server Uptime: Determining Server Loyalty

Server Uptime is the length of time the server is available. Uptime is often used as an indicator of server stability. A good website has more than 99% server uptime. A value below 99% indicates that the hosting server you purchased is bad and unstable.
At UptimeRobot we monitor host provider uptime. On average, 11 hosts recorded uptime rates between 99.67 and 100%. Sites recording average 100% uptime include Hostinger, Niagahoster, Qwords, Dewaweb, SiteGround, Exabytes, and WHplus. The lowest average uptime is recorded by DyHost i.e. 99.67%.

Of the top 11 web hosts, we've come across vacations from three companies: Rumahweb, IDWebhost, and DyyHost. The host with the longest downtime was IDWebhost, at 1 hour 44 minutes.

#2 Load Time: Guaranteed to load your Wes Woos website!

Load time is the time it takes for your website to load. Mel Ohye, a Golgul authority, said this. Google likes sites with a load time of less than two seconds.. Only 6 of the top hosting providers in Indonesia record a load time of less than two seconds: Niagahoster, SiteGround, WHplus, Dewaweb, Hostinger and Qwords. Hostinger had the fastest load time at 0.8 seconds, while DyHost scored the slowest at 29.5 seconds. You can see the test website load speed we checked using GTMetrix in the following table.

#3 Cost: Finding affordable hosting

After deciding on the best performing web hosting provider, the next thing to consider is price. Therefore, we have studied hosting packages and their prices. Among the 11 hosting options, WHPlus and DyyHost are the sellers who dare to charge IDR 50,000.00 per year for their cheap hosting services. Of course, these hosting providers have other options with different prices and features. 9 Other providers choose to lower prices on a monthly billing system with a minimum of monthly, quarterly, a semester, up to a year. DomaiNesia, Exabytes, Rumahweb and IDwebhost offer the cheapest prices with this plan.
The most expensive hosting is hosting (R.L.P49,900/month) and SiteGround ($11.95 per month). This is only natural, because the features you get from these two hosts are no joke. You can read the Hostinger Indonesia review here to find out if the high price is right.
If you want to create an online store, news portal or develop a website application, then unlimited hosting and cloud hosting are more recommended for you.
Whplus is a reseller of cheap cloud hosting services starting from IDR 150,000.00 per year (Cloud Hosting Combo 1GB). Other cheap cloud hosting service providers are DomaiNesia (Rp. 16,000.00/month, 0.75GB) and DewaWeb (Rp. 20,000.00/month, 500 MB). Most Expensive Cloud Hosting by Host (R.L.P199,000/month, excluding discounts NVMe 200GB) and DHyHost (Rp. 250,000.00/month, 20GB SSD).
Hosting prices are generally related to performance. A cheap hosting at Rp 10,000.00 is not as good as a very expensive hosting.
For monthly bandwidth issues, for example hosting at IDR 50,000.00/year has limited bandwidth. If your site runs out of bandwidth, your site will be inaccessible. So, if your website is busy, choose a big bandwidth (more than 100 GB) or unlimited hosting package. Don't worry, if you diligently search for promotional or discount information on your chosen provider's site, you will find attractive discounts or bonuses. This way you save more without sacrificing your site's performance.

#4 Main and additional hosting features: Finding hosting with the best features and cheapest prices

The fourth thing to pay attention to when choosing hosting is the main and additional features that you get for a certain price. all in all The characteristics considered are data storage size, bandwidth, data transfer speed, memory, CPU and disk I/O..
Also pay attention to some additional features Like free SSL certificates, free setup fees or even better yet free migration fees. When choosing hosting, you can consider additional features such as SEO tools, SEO audits, and site optimization tools. Choose a hosting package that offers greater or more complete features, at the same price or slightly different. In this way, you can build a site with performance and a justifiable budget.

#5 Ease of use: Make sure you have no problem managing your hosting

In many ways, choosing hosting can be similar to choosing a computer: your hosting will have technical specifications that describe its limitations and capabilities, it will require an operating system, and you can install various compatible software. even though...